Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another Life Lesson

Homer Simpson. Tons of this image on the 'net. Can't find the original location.

Remember my post about feeling judged? Well, as usual, I am wrong again and have been taught my lesson. The dad at the Halloween preschool party that I caught staring at me like I was crazy for getting nutty about the twins behavior as I'm constantly putting out fires and am exhausted as it is...Anyhow, guess what? He has two kids, 4 and 2, with twins on the way. Same situation as me. I talked to him at a birthday party and found this out. I don't even think he remembered me from the Halloween party. He certainly didn't act like he remembered that I had twins. At any rate, he was very nice and even asked for my advice. Imagine that! Who knows what was going on his head that day and why he was looking at me that way. I sure don't. I thought I did, but as usual I am wrong and God or the Universe or however you want to look at it, put me in my place. Thank you for that.