Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Single Crochet Winter Hat

I am pretty excited how this one turned out. The variegated yarn, which is my favorite right now, looks like camouflage. I got it for a steal at .97 a skein and ended up getting all four that I could find. So, this hat was a little more than a buck (not including my time). Gotta love a bargain.

This was my first time crocheting in the round and I think I had to start over three times. I started with a tutorial on YouTube. First, I did not have a stitch marker and was too impatient to get one. I realized that I kind of needed one when increasing stitches in the round. There is a lot of concentration involved and interruptions are abundant here, so I really have to wait for quiet times until you get to the point where you just single crochet all the way around. So, I undid all that and started again using a paper clip as my stitch marker. Then, it ended up being too small, so I had to take it out to a point and then make the round bigger and just kind of bushwhacked it from there. It ended up being a little large, so I started to take out stitches, ten in all I think throughout and you know what...You can't even tell. This is how I'm thinking my Omi (grandma) would crochet. Use common sense to a degree and bushwhack. I love to just go with it and bushwhack. Can you tell that I really like that word too: bushwhack. A great word.

I am making a second hat for little brother, who does not want the pom-pom, and again just bushwhacking and it is turning out pretty good so far. I have to write down where I've left off or I'll forget when to increase, but once the round part is set, no need for a stitch marker in my opinion and just single crochet until the desired length is reached.