Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What am I? Heartless?

Little brother peeking from inside
School has begun for most kids by now, although, preschool here is starting after Labor Day. I am totally ok with that. I thought for a while that I was not anxious to send them to school or keep them at home. It was kind of nice and relaxing to have a summer break. It was a little bit of a break for me too in some regards. I got to sleep a little later. I tried to slow down a bit, tried at least. Now that school is starting, it's just life here. I am not sentimental about it. I just want them to enjoy learning, making friends, and having that time away from home. I want them to learn to read, write, and do math. I want them to be active and creative. I want them to discover their passion and strengths so that we can guide them and provide for them opportunities that were not offered to me. I want them to do better than me. I think I turned out ok, but as far as career success, ho-hum over here. My parents instilled in me a fantastic work ethic and a grateful attitude for good employment with insurance and benefits, etc. and of that I am fortunate. I'm not sure how they did that, but that is one thing I would also like to pass along to my kids if I could only do that while encouraging them to follow their bliss then I would feel like a success. To me, this is not a sappy story.

Kim Simon tells a bit of a sappy story. On the positive, I believe the message is "Great Job Mom--You Did It. You Survived Raising Your Child Up To This Point." Congrats! Really? Do we really need a pat on the back like that? Am I so heartless or riding a high horse? I think I am sensitive about things for sure, but I have not cried when dropping off my children at school. I felt they were ready and frankly, so was I. I just did my job and am still doing it. I can't look back on stepping on fishy crackers or legos with a misty eye. I just can't. Does that make those moms better than me who for some reason relate to this article without a dry eye? I thought so for a second. Then Mr. Hausfrau said, "Why do you have to compare? No need to compare." So, the article was not my cup of tea. It was some peoples' cups of tea, but not mine. All over hair color from a box is not my cup of tea, but it is for some people. What I have to keep reminding myself is that we are all different and you know what, that is ok. THAT IS OK. And, then, someone posted this video on FB that I could relate to and I thought was genius. It will remind you that whatever works for you might not work for everyone else and that is ok. THAT IS OK. We all need to just listen, support, and not judge. NOT JUDGE. My sister gave that up for Lent one year--boy, wouldn't that be tough.

Little brother and Big brother together before having to spend all day apart.