Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Repurposed Boy Hats Made Girly

Saving money is important to me as well as saving resources. I have no problem reusing school supplies or anything else that can be useful. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I get in moods where if something is laying around too long and doesn't have a home, I will throw it away. That is for my sanity. In this instance, I was looking ahead to winter and getting coats and hats ready for the girls. One coat is a hand me down from a friend and the other was F's coat, which is just a plain red down coat. I am also passing along the boys' old hats and mittens sets. To make them more feminine, I bought 5 different colors of felt sheets at JoAnn's for .34 each and made my own flower template in three different sizes so that I could layer the flower together and top with a sewn on button. The plain red down coat has a matching one on it as well. Here is the end result: