Sunday, August 3, 2014

Food Intolerances

I've learned about food intolerances when we tried to have B on the Failsafe Diet back in the fall. It was super hard to do, I made tons and tons of mistakes, but I've learned a lot, especially about the evils of preservatives and what they have been doing to me for about 20 years.

Headaches have been a problem for me since my 20s. I tried and tried to figure out what was causing them and was completely uneducated about preservatives and MSG, which is also a trigger for me. When I accidentally have MSG, which is pretty easy since it comes under 20 or so different names, my sickness usually lasts about 24 hours. I am totally sick, I can barely take care of my family and if Mr. Hausfrau is home, I am in bed trying to sleep off the awful poison that I have consumed.

I try to stay away from most preservatives, one in particular is Sodium Benzoate, which is one the Failsafe Diet alerted me to. I have never known a reaction to it until last Friday. We had egg salad for lunch, simple boiled eggs, onion, celery, mayo, a dash of mustard. After my sandwich, I wanted just a spoonful because it was so good. Mr. Hausfrau mentioned that he recently added pickle juice as I take not one big spoonful, but two because it was so yummy. Shortly after that, I started to not feel so good as the headache and tightness in my head, neck, and shoulders increased. The effects lasted for two days and I still don't feel 100% myself. I feel a little weak, I suppose after not being able to eat much because I was feeling rotten. As I tried to figure out where the problem stemmed, I looked at the pickle jar which contains Sodium Benzoate. This preservative seems to linger in my system longer than MSG, however MSG can render me very ill to the point of vomiting and diarrhea. This ride with the Benzoate was no picnic though. I was out of commission for nearly 2 days and am still feeling it although thankfully no headache.

Who would think that pickles need such a chemical? Aren't they canned in vinegar and when you can them yourself, don't they last a super long time? I've never done it before, but that is what I would think. Benzoates have been outlawed in several countries and I'm just not sure what is wrong with the US and why we are so behind in protecting our citizens. Government just doesn't seem to be for the people at all--it's just one dishonest ladder climber after another that is self serving and well, just for the birds in my opinion. It makes me want to pick up my whole family and move somewhere else in this world where values and taking care of people are its goals.