Monday, August 18, 2014

Crocheted Table Runner

I tried my hand at crochet again. I bought some yarn maybe years ago now from Big Lots for not a lot of money and decided to do something with it. I finally finished something that took me a long, long time. With 4 skeins, I made this tiny dresser scarf for the girls' baby dresser. It took me another year to add fringe in a coordinating color. I didn't realize how much yarn you needed to make something that is worth anything! I like crochet because I can do it anywhere. I still don't get to do it often. The only reason I completed this was because a friend invited me to a craft party and I resolved to finish the yarn up. We were the last to leave the party because if I brought it home unfinished it might still be unfinished...

Here it is:

For the fringe I bought what I believe is called yarn for a "potato chip" scarf. It was on sale. I like the look.

I've already started work on my next project to try to use up some yarn, but I might have to buy more to complete it because again I underestimated how much yarn would be needed. I'm attempting to make the girls little ponchos for the fall. Stay tuned.