Sunday, July 20, 2014

On Going Grey...

I remember in my twenties having two stubborn grays. Yes, it was very evident that there were two and they stuck out right on my hairline at the top of my forehead. Why are they so wiry? Either stick straight or curly? It's such a strange thing about those greys...

I've colored my hair ever since I was a teenager. I would get super blond from the sun in the summer and then either have to highlight the darker part that grew out 4 inches or color my hair dark. I would only do this like once or maybe twice a year. And, I continued to color. I can't remember, but I think it might have been like every other month, then I dwindled down to like every 3 months and now I have found what works for me best at age 40.

My hair hasn't been this healthy in a decade at least. I'm guessing it is due to years of staying home and the ritual of wash and go about every other day, no heat styling except on super special occasions, and coloring only the roots around my face with Clairol Root Touch Up about every 4 months. I might do a home highlighting kit once in the winter time if I'm looking and or feeling a bit drab.

I have mixed feelings about going grey. Of course, at times, I wish it wasn't something that I even had to deal with. Color on me tends to go red no matter what, so I always felt a little unnatural looking for several weeks until it faded--I actually liked it better when the color faded. But, it is something that I am dealing with very minimally. People tell me they don't even notice and that it just looks like I have highlights. It is hard to tell sometimes what is real in the mirror and it depends in which mirror you are looking. Fluorescent lights make me look SUPER grey. And, then I think, whoa, gotta get my root touch up on. But, then I look in a different mirror and think, I don't look so bad, I'll hold off. I think the key for me is to keep around my face a little less grey except for my skunky streak on my bangs, which really does look like a highlight to me. Sometimes, dare I say, I even like it. Anne Kreamer, who wrote Going Grey could understand this. See a video review of this book here.

I am definitely in the minority here, although there are some going grey supporters I am finding. I have looked up many things about going grey and most people find it neglectful of oneself, for lack of a better word. They say they like taking care of themselves and looking good. I like taking care of myself too, but I don't have a lot of time to do that right now with 4 little ones to take care of. I like to look good too, but I wouldn't say that coloring my hair makes me feel much better about myself. Like I said, I didn't really like it much at all for about 3-4 weeks. As long as I can keep in shape and keep some wrinkles at bay, I think I feel pretty good. And, that makes life simpler for me, which is what we strive for over here.

There is some support out there too. Like over at How Bourgeois. She has advice on how to go about doing it and asks questions like if it right for you. I think she looks fantastic grey. One thing I will say though is that Kreamer and Lauren from How Bourgeois talk about going cold turkey with the coloring, so much so, that it becomes awkward and frustrating. I totally understand this and I have a different solution to this problem. The first time I really tried to grow out my grey, it was probably 3 inches out and I even had a shorter haircut. Yes, it just looked weird. But, from that point on is when I just started root coloring around my face and part. So the majority of my hair is natural and I think if I stopped coloring it wouldn't look that strange because I've got gray peppered throughout my hair from underneath if that makes any sense. I think this is the way to go. It's gradual and you don't have to get a pixie cut.