Monday, July 28, 2014

Learning To Read

For some reason B does not want to learn to read. I can't fully explain why and neither can he being only 5 years old, soon to be 6. He has no interest in sounding out words. I think, well I know, that he hates to be wrong and make mistakes even though we try to encourage him otherwise. So, today I tried to get him to read our VTech Learning Turtle thing that was a gift that we've had for a long time. There were 8 pages--all repetitive, going over sounds with animals and fun objects and then reading using those words and pictures.

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B wouldn't budge and started to put up the wall again, so I suggested I'd give him 10 cents a page. There are 8 pages and 80 cents to him is a good reward. Again, he would not budge. So, I asked F if he would like to read and he did pretty good. He could remember some of the repetition and he recognized the animals and sounds. He made it through 3.5 pages and earned 35 cents. F is 4 years old and does not read at all until now. How can I get my almost 6 year old to be interested? He loves being read to, he loves Reading Buddies at our local library, but he does not want to try to read himself AT ALL. I'm trying not to worry about it too much, but nevertheless, it worries me...