Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sweet Pepper Potato Chowder

Continuing with my sweet pepper kick, I made a simple recipe that I always make, corn chowder, but modified it to be sweet pepper cream of potato soup. Now, corn chowder is the easiest and yummiest recipe around. Cheap too. I learned it from a woman I worked with on an apple farm who was from Maine. The farm was here in Ohio, but the recipe went back to her family origins in Maine. She used to bring it to work in a crock pot and several of us would just eat-it-up. I have gotten a little fancy with mine over the years, but lived on her version for at least a decade. I believe hers was just boiling chopped potatoes, onion, with salt. Then pouring off water, she added a stick of butter and cream. Next came a can of cream of corn and one can of regular corn. We would salt and pepper ourselves and eat with saltine crackers. 

Over the years, I have added garlic, celery, sometimes carrots, depending on what I have. I no longer add canned cream of corn and I have found that it has nasty things in it that I do not care to eat. I just throw in half a bag of frozen corn. Also, I like to blend it all up before adding the corn. The kids, of course, prefer it this way, although Mr. Hausfrau likes it chunky. Anyhow, I basically did the same thing here and added chopped sweet peppers. I only add about half a stick of butter, some milk, and either sour cream of plain greek yogurt depending on what is on hand at the house. 
It was yummy.

Everything in the pot before adding water to boil. So colorful.

After the food processing, addition of butter, sour cream, milk, and more salt.