Saturday, June 7, 2014

Schools Out For Summer!

Last Day of Kindergarten. They look like they are ready to play. Wonder how many will do homework over the summer? I'm not planning on doing any, unless it surfaces naturally.

I, unlike a lot of parents, am delighted to have my kids home. No more homework to argue about or do myself pretty much, no more getting up early and fighting to get dressed, eat faster, etc. I was stressing thinking that I needed to have a summer do better with schedules I'm told. Schedule tv time, schedule reading time, schedule everything. And, then I thought on Friday, the first day that we were all home and I almost had an emotional breakdown once again dealing with discipline issues...Let them watch tv. Let them watch it as much as they want. I would be scolded by experts, especially that I would pay for it later, but, you know what? I pay for it anyways sometimes. It's unpredictable. For my peace of mind, if it can be quiet while they watch tv for two hours, then great. In fact, on Friday, they watched tv, I took a much needed cat nap before making lunch. They went back to watching tv after eating lunch, then they got bored with it and went to play with play-doh. Then, they went outside. Then they came in to watch a little tv again before dinner and they were getting bored with it anyhow and started to play while tv was on anyhow. So, I turned it off. And, guess what? They didn't care. Maybe I don't need to schedule everything. I don't recall anyone ever telling me to turn the tv off when I was a kid. Maybe summer is a time to relax and do what our instincts tell us to do. I don't know. It might all backfire on me--I'll let you know.