Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sweet Peppers, Kale, Portobello Mushrooms, and Goat Cheese

I do most of my grocery shopping at Aldi. Have you ever been to an Aldi? If not, most people seem to have a hard time getting used to their brands. Brands do not bother me and Aldi seems to have pretty good quality as far as I can tell. We can eat very gourmet from there with a fraction of the cost. It's truly incredible, the savings. A few weeks ago, they had on sale bags of multi colored sweet peppers from Mexico for 99 cents and also portobello mushrooms--I forget the cost of these, but it was less than $2 for a 3 pack. They also offered kale, which was not on sale, but I got some instead of my usual spinach for something different. I think it was like 50 cents more than the spinach, so no big deal. They started offering goat cheese in small logs too, which I normally keep on hand to make cream sauces with instead of cream cheese or sometimes I do a combination of both. Anyhow, I made the yummiest dinner with these ingredients.

First, I sauteed the kale in olive oil, also adding onion, garlic, the sweet peppers, and of course salt and pepper. After that I usually add a little water to get the pan clean and get all those flavors in my sauce. Next, I added the log of goat cheese and let it melt a bit. Sometimes milk is needed if it seems too thick. Just a little bit. 

Then because of the kids, I blended it all up in the food processor. Yum. It was so tasty. I could just eat it off the spoon. 

While this was going on, I roasted the portobellos in the oven using this method. These were the best tasting portobellos I have ever eaten. We've had them grilled and eaten them like burgers with cheese which was pretty good, but something about them in the oven just was goooooood. 

And, then I made rice to add to the meal. Very tasty, healthy, and vegetarian too.