Monday, May 12, 2014

Recycled Star Crayons

Monday morning, F. and I made 18 star crayons from broken crayons we have been saving for several years now. In fact, I had purchased the silicone star muffin pan probably 3 years ago to try this and I haven't gotten around to doing the project until now. Eight of the crayons will go in favor bags to F.'s friends at pre-school along with some other treats: gummies, sticker, and pencil gripper or eraser. (I found a great deal on school supplies that I save for these gift/birthday favors). He also set three crayons aside for his brother and two sisters. The rest, we tried to keep monochromatic to use at home as, well, regular crayons. I was worried with the first batch that they would be too muddy looking, but they turned out fine color-wise. They were a bit thick though. During my research, most sites said to fill the pan to the top--this was too high for us. So for the next batches, we did about 3/4 full. If you are crazy, like they are over at Martha Stewart, and chop them really fine, then pretty much however full it is is how thick they will get. To that I say, "I ain't got no time fo' 'dat..." So, 3/4 full was a good estimation for a decent thickness. As far as the oven, I found 250 degrees for 15 minutes worked perfectly. Some of the thick crayons did not melt entirely, but they were hot enough that everything else molded fine around them. After the oven, I put in the freezer for 15 minutes and they were set.
Filling the mold

After the cool-down