Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lemon Cake

I recently started to make cakes from scratch. Very recently, like just this month. I used to always buy the box variety and think no big deal, it's only on special occasions. Well, then I started realizing all the crap that goes into boxed foods and how I tend to react to said crap. I often wonder if it doesn't affect the kids too. So, since the end of last year, I've been trying to do most everything from scratch. Not everything, but most everything. I made a carob cake for F's 4th birthday per his request. Well, actually, he requested chocolate, but does not know the difference. Then, when we had the family party on the weekend, I made lemon cake per his request and it was delicious. I think I will keep this for the files. The recipe can be found from Miss Homemade here. The only thing odd about it is that within the directions, she forgets to mention the addition of the milk which is listed in the ingredients. Also, I did not have butter milk but made my own with 3/4 T of vinegar to the 3/4 cup of milk. And, I had 3 lemons which was not enough zest or juice, but still tasted great! My glaze does not look as dreamy as Miss Homemade's. I wonder if I should have done all that when the cake was warm so that it would melt and look dreamy. Everyone was satisfied though and I have to say as I get older, this kind of cake tastes better to my palette than a heavy chocolate with tons of frosting. I will definitely make this again and not just for a special occasion.