Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 23 and 24

An update for day 23--I was able to get in a sit ups mini workout. And, when I say sit ups I mean the kind that they do on my post natal yoga video, where you lift your pelvis and only take your shoulders off the ground. I think I tensed up my neck, so I am a little sore there unfortunately.

I also took the kids for a 45 minute walk since the weather was pretty nice and sunny. The poor babies were like little vampires cooped up all winter long and their eyes were watering. I suppose since they weren't used to the light. I wish they would keep hats on. Too bad the canopies on strollers don't seem to help either. Maybe they'll learn that hats are good as they get more exposure.

Day 24 was today and I didn't do much other than general housework. F and I went outside and cleaned the front entrance way and cleaned up some leaves and a few weeds. It looks so tidy. There is a lot more Spring clean up to do around here, but unfortunately does not really count toward my exercise goals. This type of work is typical, so it isn't going to make me lose any inches or anything! I'm going to try to get in another run this week or maybe some time on the elliptical if weather is bad.

The end. I am pooped today.