Tuesday, April 22, 2014

48 Days and Still Going

Here is me now after 48 days

Well, I was afraid of that...not too much difference. I did have a bit of an Easter binge and have eaten some desserts and chocolates. I do however, after hem-hawing about my hair have officially decided that I do look better with bangs though...

But, back to the point at hand. When I was around the 15 day mark, I was exercising more and more vigilant about my food and then I relaxed a bit and was only able to run once a week. This shows as there has been no improvement a whole month later. 

However, my measurement an inch below my belly button has gone from a 35.5" to 34.75" to now 34". So, that is encouraging although not too visible in the photographs. Again, I will stress that I am not sucking anything in. Typically, I do hold my ab muscles somewhat and I have to think about relaxing them and that is what I am doing in the photos. Naturally, holding it all in looks a lot better, but for my semi-scientific study here, that is the "control"--not holding anything in.

As far as weight goes I am anywhere from 122-125 pounds daily still. I am ok with that for the most part. I read somewhere if you are too thin it ages you. I prefer closer to 120, but two extra or even 5 extra pounds isn't a big deal unless it just keeps creeping up and up and up...

I read somewhere too that doing sprints helps tone the belly and lose belly fat. So, I've talked to B. and we are supposed to do some sprints together in the backyard. He's pretty fast, so I figure a game of chase every now and again would be good for us all physically and emotionally. Now if only the weather would cooperate--today is 30 degrees cooler than yesterday and misting too. Not a good day for sprints in the muddy backyard. Of course, I can always make a fool of myself and entertain the neighbors by running sprints in the front driveway, but only with the kids.