Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 2

Today, I had time to do my 20 minutes of Pilates and I woke up feeling a little sore in my shoulders and neck, probably from tensing them while doing the Pilates exercises from yesterday. I could feel the muscles in my upper abdomen also, the exact place I need to build them. I like feeling the muscles that I've worked. They are just sore enough to know that they are there and working. The video and book that I am using is Simply Pilates by Jennifer Pohlman. I'm beginning to think that the video is just an example of the exercises and that I should be doing them for a longer period of time or holding them for longer, etc. I'll figure it out. When I mentioned in my last post the poor posture that runs in my family, I think it is because we are small boned and very small around in our chest region--the measurement right under the breasts. I think most women have weak cores for whatever reason. One time, my brother asked why I kept shifting positions during a long drive and that his wife did the same thing and I replied that is was due to discomfort and that I probably had a weak core. His answer was that I didn't have to have a weak core and he is right, but it is hard work and for some reason not as difficult for a man to strengthen that area.

Kids are home from school today and playing outside since it is warm today. I took the girls for a stroller ride up and down the sidewalks in front of our house which was nice too. But, for some reason now they are not napping. Duty calls...