Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

Day 5: Eight minutes of Pilates
Day 6: Twelve minutes of Yoga
Day 7: Nothing so far...

I literally did not have a spare 20 minutes to exercise. It was frustrating. The girls seem to be sleeping longer in the morning, which helps a little bit because then I only have to worry about getting boys ready instead of having all 4 to deal with at once. But, it doesn't give me any extra time to exercise. They still prefer, I think to nap in the morning and then in the afternoon, but it is usually only for an hour or so each. And, there is always something else to do that needs to get done. Work is busy this time of year too. Pretty sad that I can't take 20 minutes straight to exercise! I'm very tired too with getting up at 6 and then by noon I am exhausted and if I can I try to rest if everyone is in their beds at the same time. That's what I did today. I was so tired. I think it catches up with me too like if I take a few days off and don't rest. Then, most days, I am up until 11 or so. I work in the evenings and need to read or wind down before bed. One night I took a shower at 11 pm because I didn't have time to take one during the day. I'm not sure how to make the older boys be more independent. B wants to be and is pretty good, but F does not want to do things for himself. He goes through phases and just won't do it. He can dress himself and change from a diaper into underpants, but sometimes he just DOESN'T. So, I let him go. It is so tiring fighting about every simple request, so I just don't. Anyhow, no time for exercise. Oh well! Maybe in 5 years! I still plan to check my measurements after several more weeks. Who knows, maybe not eating dessert will help?