Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 4

Twenty minutes of yoga this morning, Gena Kenny's Strengthening segment. It was similar to the Energizing exercises from yesterday with a few minor changes. Again, I slightly feel sore muscles, but that is a good thing. I like that they are getting a workout. I need that posture boost.

With the time change, the girls are having only an afternoon nap, so that they hopefully will be ready for bed at the usual time tonight around 6:30. It seems they are over-tired though and having difficulty going to sleep now. It's going to be rough to let them cry this out. I hate hearing them cry, but they ate a good lunch and nursed 2.5 hours ago, so they should be ok. They are tired, I just have to remind myself and they need to sleep. Arg...I hate it. They go to sleep so readily and peacefully normally, it just bothers me so much when they don't because something is usually wrong. And, in this case, I just hope it is over-tiredness and they get over it soon.

Another busy day today, work errands, grocery, and work from home for me. No matter how hard I try to accomplish it all before kids bedtime, so that I can have a night off and just relax, it never happens. There is always work to be done and there are always interruptions.

The carnival was nice yesterday and the kids had a good time at the school playing games. I am still open to the idea of public school, but it still scares me a bit. That leaves all of the religious instruction up to me and they won't have those day to day reminders throughout the school. I still have some thinking to do.