Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 3

This morning I was able to complete 20 minutes of yoga. I did the Energizing Workout from The Gift of Yoga DVD by Gena Kenny. She has four 20 minute segments that I plan to rotate in with my Pilates. Today, the weather is too rainy and I am too much of a wimp to run in that. Just not there yet.

It will be a busy Saturday today. I've already headed to the local Farmer's Market to pick up some maple syrup since we were out. Unfortunately, they only had the pints, so I got their last two, when I intended to buy 2 quarts. They just tapped their trees so assured me that they will have the quarts in two more weeks. I also picked up a bar of natural soap. I'd like to use more natural products personally and for the kids, but I stopped at one bar of soap. I plan to get the lotion when we are out. I don't want too much inventory in the house.

Now, we are off to a local elementary school carnival to check out the school. I am nervous of the idea of sending the kids to public school and still not sure of the idea. I already visited the school once and was very impressed. It is a new building and they incorporate lots of technology into their lessons. I'm on the fence whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I know this is the world we live in, but wonder if they are starting all of this too young. Most kids I know can barely make logical thoughts themselves without parents telling them what to do...

As you can see, they get enough "screen time" at home
I like the small environment of our little Catholic School and am hoping for more individualized attention. I want school to be a positive experience for the kids, so we'll see. It's crazy to me that you have to make this decision almost a year in advance, but understand the need for schools to secure those numbers in order to receive the funds for the following school year.