Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 15 and 16

Day 15 involved no formal exercise. I thought I'd do the 60 minute yoga workout like I'd planned on many Friday evenings before, but after kids are in bed and I have a night free without any work to do, I just like to sit, so that is what I did.

Day 16 involved a morning run. My third time out in probably a year. I planned on at least 20 minutes, but actually ran about 30. I use the verb run loosely--I noticed that not many people "jog" anymore, but just about everyone "runs." Jogging is so 80s. In all honestly, I was mostly jogging, although I allowed my music to lead me in some tempo runs which sped things up here and there.

So here is me a little over 2 weeks into this project of mine:

This is me today

This is me when this all started 16 days ago

Well, by golly, I think there actually is improvement! Right? Do you see it too? So, this in encouraging to me. I think the running will decrease this belly even more. 

I think of Rob Lowe now and how one time I think I read in an interview how much harder he has to work at staying fit now that he is 50 and of course, how easy it was when he was younger. Ah, the things I think about to give me inspiration here. The man is human and admits it--I'm sure he works super hard and long hours devoted to keeping himself, well, Rob Lowe. So, I too, must work at getting rid of this belly and being 40 makes it even more difficult I presume. I had it pretty easy after having baby number one and baby number two. And, it probably would have been easier had baby number three just been number three, but we were blessed with baby number four too. So, here I am and what I am doing is helping and working, so that gives me hope too.