Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Blog

Mommy selfie. That's just what you do or just not at all...

I'm taking my cue from Birute Efe, who I recently started following on Google+ and will share with you 5 Reasons Why I Blog. Birute has her own blog on It has great craft ideas for kids as well as other pointers for moms of today.

Speaking of moms of today and moms of 50 years ago, I must share my rant about an older woman at church today. There was a child who started fussing/crying toward the end of Mass and the older lady in front of me kept looking around and I could tell that she was getting agitated by the noise. Then, she started barking up the wrong tree with me. I couldn't hear all that she was saying as she was trying to talk to me during the closing hymn, but she was basically shaking her head at the crying baby and how disruptive it was to everyone else. I just replied that I have four kids of my own and that was one of the reasons that they weren't there with me. That and I simply cannot handle all four of them by myself other than at home. But, hey, I definitely commend parents that can take their kids to Church. I really wish that I could and as soon as girls give up morning naps, I am going to try to get us all there, Mr. Hausfrau included. I also mentioned that the child was probably ready for a nap. That idea seemed ridiculous to her and she said that child was born that way and she had five children and they never behaved like this. Now, I am thinking, really? And, even if that is true--I don't care. Keep opinions like that to yourself especially in Church. Keep your head forward and look at Jesus and ask Him to give you patience and understanding and perhaps say a prayer for the parents and the child too. I think she could tell that I was a little annoyed with her remarks as she continued to insist that my children wouldn't act like that when she has never met me or my children before. It was just so upsetting. This is probably the fifth person at Church who has just been so unsupportive of mothers of today. Life is different today and they just don't get it. Maybe I should say a prayer for them...

I digress...very easy for me. Anyhow, 5 Reasons I Blog...Go:

1. I always felt compelled to write. I wrote journals/diaries from about fifth grade on probably. I used to write out lyrics to songs from the radio when they didn't always come included with the album. How old do I sound? Reading those words was always more meaningful to me that just hearing the words. I went to a psychic many years ago in my youth who said that I would one day be published and to keep writing. I think of that sometimes and wonder if it is true because wow, it was so long ago and I am nowhere near published! And, I'm not sure I believe in all of that. But, anyhow, I'm drawn to write.

2. I am drawn to create. When I first started the blog it was intended to be mainly about crafts, some cooking, some gardening, some miscellaneous. Time is not on my side as far as creating, but I am working on those Roman Shades from 7 years ago. They are laid out on my craft table ready for the next step and when are finished I promise to share the photo of my living room with 5 completed shades

3. Like Birute, I don't have many friends. I don't have her reasons because I have lived here since 2002 I think, but opening up to someone new is difficult for me. It was easier in elementary school since you were in class with the same kids year after year and well, they just knew you as you all grew up together. I had one really good friend who I could really tell anything to, but I had to call it quits as I felt that she didn't value our relationship as much as I did. There were incidences that told me that I we just had different priorities I guess. Although not many have followed my blog, and I think I took a few years off, I am back and hope to make some new friends here.

4. I like to blog to keep my mind working for me and me alone. Again, like Birute, my mind has really gone and turned to mush in many regards since becoming a mother. Mr. Hausfrau and I were talking with my mom about annuities as she was encouraging me to roll over my little retirement fund and I started googling stuff and just couldn't handle the reading. I just don't care about annuities at this point in my life. The money is safe and earning piddly interest, but at least I have some. I am too busy with other stuff that I enjoy more or stuff that I just HAVE to do like take care of my children and wondering what the best school is for them and if they are being nice at school and making friends, etc. Finishing this house is a big priority too as it seems like it is a never ending project that I just want to put to bed at times and have everything organized and in order. But, blogging is for me and me alone. It's mine and it's personal and keeps the gears turning upstairs.

5. It's kind of an escape and better than screwing around on FB for any length of time. Looking at other blogs gives me inspiration to write on my own. When I started back up again and focused on my twin belly issue, I couldn't find much out there on it on a personal level. There is a bit, but most people that are showing it are looking pretty good. I wanted to humble myself and if this works, maybe I can help someone else or inspire someone else. Isn't that what it is all about? That might not seem like an escape, but I guess you might say that it's an escape to myself.

Well, that is it off the top of my head. I write what I think mostly and this is it.