Monday, October 1, 2012


The title says it all. I recently found out that I am pregnant with twins and no, they do not run in the family, but I suppose all that has to start somewhere, right? And, of course, we are having a home addition and renovation go on at the same time. Talk about stressful. I can't wait until the contractors are finished and we can start putting the house back together. Man, is it a disaster. I can't find anything important. I had a paper for school that the doctor was supposed to sign filled out and ready to go for a month and then came the appointment and I have no idea where it is. And, I still don't. The disorganized environment is making me way disorganized too. I was getting on the ball too and starting to finish those roman shades from like 5 years ago now, and then the dust started and the chaos began so they are put on the backburner again. But, I promise you, as long as the construction is finished by end of the month, I will make those Roman Shades by 2013. I will.