Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Functional Sewing

I still have my to-do projects on my craft table although it is much smaller than it has been. What I have been sewing mostly, well, is actually, mending. Lots and lots of mending. Our new puppy Coco is putting all kinds of little holes in my boys' clothing. I have mended at least five garments with a wide and narrow zig-zag stitch over the holes.

She is probably five times this size now, but this puppy picture is too cute not to share.

 I also accidentally bleached some light blue stripes out of Mike's shirt for work and fixed that by hand drawing them in with a blue colored pencil. We are being thrifty and are on a spending freeze as we attempt to move forward with a house addition of a dining room and building-in our falling down breezeway. Renovations and additions are quite expensive!