Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Crown Tutorial

Birthday Crown Tutorial

This tutorial was promised a long time ago...maybe last summer, spring? I can't even remember and would have to look back through the blog to find out. I promised to send it to Sally over at Jambo Cameleon, but my file was too big to email and we couldn't figure out how to make it smaller without starting the whole thing over and making my picture files smaller. Oh, my computer woes. Little things like that are frustrating! And, so I worked this afternoon on it for a while. Unfortunately, I couldn't find some pictures, but hopefully this will all make sense and if it doesn't, please let me know! Also, be on the lookout for that giveaway, since I still have the test crown that I made for this tutorial. All, I ask is that you follow the blog and that you write a comment here that you would like to be in the drawing. Make sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win! Drawing closes Friday, April 6. Good luck!
  Measure child’s head. For this tutorial Finn’s head is 21 inches

Draft your pattern. Draw a rectangle 21 x 2.5 inches. Fold crown in half to find center or do the math. Draw a triangle on top of rectangle, in center of crown 2.5 inches tall. Fold pattern in half again and draw 3 more triangles 2 inches tall. They do not have to be perfect.

  Cut out your pattern making sure to even out your triangles and round the inner corners. This is the pattern folded in half.

  Place pattern on felt for cutting. I am piecing together 3 sheets of felt here

Place pattern on crown fabric and cut. Pinning is helpful.

  Baste fabric to felt all the way around the crown—top, bottom, sides, peaks, etc. This is my machine’s largest stitch. If you are piecing together felt like me, don’t worry about stitching them together unless you want to—stitching around the crown keeps everything in place.

  Hot glue 1” or larger ribbon around sides and bottom of crown folding ribbon in half so equal sides of ribbon encase the raw edges of the crown. 

Mitre your corners.

  Sides and bottom finished. Now time for the peaks.  

 I had to piece together some ribbon for the peaks, so I started in the center peak, but if you are using same ribbon all the way across, feel free to start at the edges. To finish off a ribbon edge, fold over raw edge and use hot glue to keep if from unfolding.
Use 5/8’ – 1” ribbon for peaks. Remember to mitre your top corners

Inner corners are a bit tricky. Here’s where bias tape would come in handy, but I like the look ribbon gives the crown.  
Here’s the back of the crown. It takes some folding and maneuvering to work out a reverse mitre, but it all ends up working out in the end. Not sure how to describe it here. Sometimes mitering doesn’t work well, so just curve the ribbon and glue best as you can. You can always come back later and perfect the gluing.

Work it, work it,…. 
   When you’re finished with all of the edges of the crown, hot glue your decorative ric-rac or ribbon above the bottom edge of the crown, tucking edges under side ribbon. Hot glue your charms or button on the 3 center peaks.

  To the inside left side of the crown pin two 2” long strips of Velcro. Use the “rough” piece of the Velcro. 

  Pin the other “soft” pieces of Velcro to the outside of the crown. I let about half hang off so that the crown can be adjusted to a larger head size. Sew all four pieces of Velcro in place going around all four sides with your sewing machine.  

  It will be fastened like this. And you’re done!

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