Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Flies and First Craft Show

I can't believe it's been over FOUR months since I last wrote! Believe me, I've been crafting, just no time to take those pesky pictures or write about it! I was actually in my first craft show on December 16. I found out about it on November 7 and sewed almost everyday until the big day. Thanksgiving weekend was very busy for those four days and with all of my other responsibilities, there was definitely some slacking. But, the show was rather small and since it was at a cafe, I went with mug rugs, coasters, and some greeting cards. Here is picture of my table set up:

I thought it looked pretty good. I didn't sell much and only made $21, but I met a few other nice crafters who encouraged me to do a big all day craft fair. I see one in my future. In the mean time, I've been thinking about opening up that Etsy shop with all of my extra merchandise. I opened one a while ago although it is vacant and I named it Handmade by Hausfrau. Maybe that was a mistake and should have just called it The Artful Hausfrau? Well, what is done is done.