Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bodhi's 3rd Birthday Party - Puppy Themed

So, the party was actually two months ago. My last real post was more than two months ago. 

The birthday boy with his bandanna and doggie birthday t-shirt that I stenciled

Happy Birthday Bodhi that I made for his first birthday and will use every year until it falls apart

The kids each got a bandanna to wear. Only a couple didn't want to wear one. Most kids got a paw print painted on their arm too.

Bodhi's birthday dog. We thought about getting him a real one, but the timing wasn't right.

The infamous birthday crown. The tutorial is giving me picture files are too big and I think I have to do the whole thing over and make my pictures smaller before putting them into the tutorial. (Sorry it is taking so long, Sally!)
Everyone's party favor included the bag, which I made, a rubber ball, doggie pictures to color, 4-pack of washable markers or crayons, and gummies.
I was so glad to find a use for this fabric that I bought months ago because of a good deal.
Other than that, I only have a video of the cake which was one chocolate round cake with four chocolate cupcakes lined up top for a dog paw print. And I splurged on a dog bone cookie cutter and made chocolate chip bar cookies and cut them out with the cookie cutter. I almost liked them better than the cake...wish I had a picture!