Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bodhi's 3rd Birthday Party

It's not for another couple of weeks, but I'm starting to get ideas for Bodhi's party. We sent out the invitations, which I printed out on the computer.

My initial idea was to do a tie-dye activity with the kids, but then looked at the kit I bought which is pretty simple, but I thought would be terribly messy for 3 year olds. So, I decided on the puppy theme.

Bodhi loves dogs and says he misses Barley (our 11 year old boxer-retriever who passed away on Father's Day). We take flowers to her grave in the backyard every so often and Bodhi will give her 'headstone' a kiss. And, he still talks about her sometimes like she is still here. It would be nice to give him a new puppy for his birthday, but we are headed for a vacation soon after and didn't want to leave a new dog with the neighbors or a kennel. I usual.

So, I've been doing a little idea searching for puppy-themed parties and these are the ideas that I am going with:

1. Decorate a cardboard box like a doghouse so the kids can play in it
2. Face painting and red bandanas around their necks
3. A round cake and 4 cupcakes to resemble a paw print
4. Dog bone shaped cookies for a party favor
5. Have some friends stop by with their dogs so the kids can play with them
6. Decorate using puppy stuffed animals on the tables
7. A dog stenciled birthday t-shirt for Bodhi (I decided to not do t-shirts this time as a party favor but...)
8. I might add a puppy stuffed animal if I can find inexpensive small ones

Other than that, it's just playing on the swingset, eating, and just hanging outside in general. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress and the big day!