Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday T-Shirts

Stenciled "Birthday Boy" and the number "1"

Stenciled TTFN--Strangely no one knew this expression! Ta-ta for now!
This was the shirt I made for all the little ones' party favors
Bodhi wore his on the day of the party

Work in progress. I was able to reuse this stencil 8 times although I did some touch ups after shirt 6.
Stencil for Finn's shirt

Up close shot of Finn's shirt

 I really enjoyed the stenciling and fabric paint. I can definitely see trying more of that and am adding it to the list. But, I think I will start to try to clear off my work table and focus on finishing two summer skirts that I am converting from dresses that were too small for me...I digress. First, more birthday posts to come!