Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Gift

A friend had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago and I made a pair of baby shoes and a matching bib for him. The shoes are just like the girl baby shoes that I made before. The only difference I made in the pattern is that I don't have an exposed seam inside the shoe. I've figured out how to turn things inside out and then all you have to do is hand sew the turning opening if that makes any sense. 

The blue is the insole of the shoe. This goes on top of the shoe - right sides together. Red felt is the sole. This goes on bottom of shoe.

Don't forget to leave an opening so that you can turn the shoe right-side-out.

This is unfinished, but you get the idea. The main bib is two pieces of a knit fabric.

For the bib, I used a bib we had in the house to cut the shape and then used my bias-tape maker to make bias-tape and finish off the edges. I wish I would have used red felt under the baseball fabric in the center--I used white here. It would have shown up better. Oh well. All in all, I think the gift turned out pretty nicely.