Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Sewing and Craft Room

Well, here is where it all happens. In the basement laundry room. Can you tell? Only problem with blogging is the computer I use for that is in the attic! So many times throughout the day, I am going up and down two flights of stairs. It's pretty good exercise, right?

There's my sewing table from my mom, which unfortunately does not house my sewing machine. I need to add to my to do list that I want to make a cover for the sewing machine so that it doesn't get so dusty when it is not in use.

Here is a stack of clothes I rescued from our Goodwill donations. I have plans to try to use up some of this fabric to make clothes for the kids or other crafts instead of spending money on new fabric. It is more difficult sometimes to reuse fabric this way. It's hard to plan what you'll make and then select from what you have in order to make it. If that makes any least that has been my challenge.

One of my dresses that I always loved (the burgundy fabric), that no longer fits me up top, I am trying to convert into a skirt.

I made a pair of shorts for Bodhi out of a blue knit fabric

 Just another hausfrau day doing the hausfrau way.
I need to clean...