Thursday, April 21, 2011


Is Anyone Reading This? 

Thank you Laura, thank you Mike, and thank you mom (who is new to the computer world and probably doesn't understand the concept of "following", but really does "follow" my blog). I want to do a giveaway to see if I can drive up my number of followers to ten!


What can I give away? You will have your choice. I will make your gift especially for you from one of the following. Baby girl or boy shoes.  Baby girl or boy bib. A set of 4 blank greeting cards, the color/theme of your choice: new baby, thank you, wedding, happy birthday, or generic with a nature/garden theme. I was thinking maybe I should make these things ahead of time, but since I am offering a choice, I thought I could wait for the winner. Plus, I have a feeling it might take a LONG time to get TEN followers! So, all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment and follow my blog. Don't forget your email address if it doesn't automatically come up with blogger.