Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My First Art Quilt

I worked on this project last summer when a couple friends were getting married. This was my first try at art quilting. I love to watch the show Quilting Arts and got some inspiration there. There are three panels on the quilt. The center is a picture of the happy couple at our wedding and the top and bottom panels are the story, as told by the bride, how they got engaged. I thought her story was so well told and wanted to preserve it for them. This was also the first time that I printed on fabric. I had Mike do all the photo editing since he likes that and is pretty good there--it would have taken me forever to figure out what to do. We just got some printable fabric at an office supply store. I have since discovered more options in the quilting department of JoAnn's.
So here it is:

The whole thing except for the hanger part

A close up of the bottom

I made the border using my bias tape maker which I love. I would love to make more things with it!

The quilt hanger that I made is just a skinny dowel rod covered in fabric and threaded through two tabs

A bit of a close up on my second attempt at free motion stitching. I wanted to try hearts, but that was too difficult so stuck with the paisley look