Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celebrate the Boy Pants

Last week I decided to focus on the pants tutorial that Dana offered on MADE for Celebrate the Boy. This was the first time I made clothing by drafting a pattern from clothes that I already have. I did an inventory and Bodhi had plenty of pants to get him through this season, but probably will need shorts this summer, so that is what I created. I also salvaged four bags of clothes that Mike and I were going to donate to use for fabric. It was really tough to decide what fabrics to use. I thought I could use some of Mike's old khaki work pants, but then realized that there is a faded "press" line down the center of each leg, which I thought wouldn't look that great on the side of kids' shorts, which is where I think it would end up. So, I used a blue polo shirt for the first pair.

I kept the original hem from the polo shirt, but added a stitch of white

to match the white seam I added on the side of the shorts

My model--I probably could have styled better ;-)

I was trying to be creative, but it just wasn't in me. I ended up trying the flat-felled seam detail for the side seams and I did it on the wrong side, so that now is on the inside of the shorts. Also, I kind of breezed over the tutorial and figured I could just do a french seam reversed and then sew down the seam allowance. I think the shorts are definitely functional, but not as fun as they could be...But, now as I'm writing this I think they look pretty good!