Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Project

So, I realize that it is February, but I think I fit into the category 'better late than never.' And, since my new year's resolutions were announced late, I'm pretty proud that I accomplished a project in about an hour. This project fulfills my resolution of trying out a craft from another blogger. I decided on //Between the lines// Quick Fix Grocery Bag.
Bodhi modeling

Heavy bag of oranges

He's really a good helper

I've got tons of Mike's old undershirts and how many dust rags do I really need? So, the latest undershirt to be retired turned into this bag in, like I said, less than an hour! I love quick, easy projects! I'm thinking since I've never tried tie-dyed that an old white t-shirt would look so much better as a bag that was all full of color. The bag is a nice shape for fruit too. I usually do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi where you bag your own groceries and bring your own bags and I've never really found a good bag for fruit. This t-shirt bag works so well holding all your apples and oranges conforming to those curves. The fruit never bagged that well in the traditional reuseable boxy-shaped bags that stores sell these days. The only thing I might do differently next time is make the bag maybe 6 inches or so shorter since it stretches so much when the heavy fruit is inside. But, I still can't wait to put it to use on the next grocery trip! And, if I ever get around to tie-dying, I'll let you know...