Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dragon Slippers

Well here they are! 

Bodhi's first pair of handmade dragon slippers inspired by the Celebrate the Boy posts from the Handmade By Rae blog. It seems that the slippers are a bit big for him--maybe I didn't trace his feet very accurately when drawing up the pattern and I did round up on the measurements. Using a woven instead of all fleece didn't seem to be too problematic. Instead of using ric-rac like Rae's directions, I cut a strip of polyester felt that I had on hand with pinking shears. I did the same for the tongue of the dragon. Also, I didn't see it necessary to cut 2 pieces of the tongue and sew them together because my felt was pretty thick. 

I'll be working on Finley's slippers today and hope to have pictures posted soon. Finn's will be made with all woven materials and a layer of batting in between.