Friday, February 18, 2011

Dragon Slippers No. 2

And, here are Finn's slippers!

Like Bodhi's slippers, used felt cut with pinking shears for tongue and ridge back. Threaded and knotted yarn for eyes.

Again, this project comes from Made By Rae's Celebrate the Boy month.

The slippers are cute, aren't they--even though I'm using materials that I have on hand. It would be great to go out and buy new fabrics, but part of the hausfrau mentality is using what you've got (ie. penny pinching ;-). I wanted to mention that for the soles of the slippers I used wool felt left over from my turtle project lined with a layer of batting and some soft recycled t-shirt fabric from my shirt project

These were a little more difficult to make compared to Bodhi's because they are so small. I also think that the batting I used in between the outside and inside fabric made it bulkier and a little trickier to sew. I've made small baby booties before that were not this tricky.

Putting the elastic in around the ankle was almost near impossible for me. I managed to get one seam sewn for the casing and then just gave up on the second seam. I'm thinking that a drawstring might work better at the top the the slipper, then you don't have to worry about sewing up a casing and you could still fold the slippers down or leave them up and they would be snug. Also, pressing your seams is probably a good idea. I did not do this, but tried to finger press instead and trim seam allowances with pinking shears unless you're lucky enough to have a serger.