Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Work has been so busy since before Christmas and now it is starting to slow down a bit. I haven't had time at all to post my creations. I've worked on things, just haven't had the time to photograph and write about them! How frustrating...With the new year here and resolutions and all, you'd think I'd get things going again...I hope to, but haven't made any resolutions about it.

So, while I was gone I made 7 of the little turtles. Never got around to taking pictures of them all together though--that could have turned out super cute. I just kept finding someone to give them too. I really enjoyed working on them because there were breaks from the sewing machine and I could sit with the kids playing or watch tv and work on them.

I made little Finley's Christmas stocking for his first Christmas. That post has been in the works then dear husband uploaded the pics to another computer and has to email me them so I can finish it.

We've really been working on the house too. Mike (dear husband) recently completed renovating our bathroom which looks fantastic. Check out a before and after here. I contributed the curtains and the monkey theme, which came together really easily. It made me want to work on our bathroom, which bores me now.

Well, that's all for now. Must check on the kids and clean something (always something to clean or cook around here!).