Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Ribbons

Inspired by a program on PBS, America Sews with Sue Hausman, I got the idea to use old ribbon scraps to make cards. Sue had a guest on who used the old ribbon scraps and even fabric scraps to add dimension to a sewing project.

It always seems tough to create with found objects rather than to buy everything new and cater to an original idea. When you repurpose items, projects oftentimes don't turn out how you think they should. This is one of the disadvatanges of saving money and being a responsible hausfrau :-)

For this project I gathered up my fall colored ribbon. Lots of orange, brown, and an autumn green. I figured 'tis the season. My other option is to make baby girl cards or just girl cards in general since my ribbon stash has baby pink and a few other girly patterns. My third option is a black and white card. All of this ribbon was saved from two weddings and a baby shower. The ribbon was never large enough for gift wrapping, but I'm glad I got the cardmaking idea. It could also work for scrapbooks and of course, adding dimension to your sewing projects!

Anyhow, here is my finished project.

It still needs something and looks immature and unsophisticated. So many of the crafters on Etsy seem sophisticated with their craft and I'm just not there yet. Maybe I should just focus on one craft? Too many to choose from! How would I pick?

On another note, of all of the contractors we've ever hired for various projects in our home, the only people we would recommend are the ones that specialize in a particular area. It seems like the jack-of-all-traits were not thorough and left lots of details unfinished, but the guys that specialized in a particular area always did great work. Maybe it is the same with crafting until you master one area? I must still be searching for the right craft for me.