Monday, November 29, 2010

Cards Repurposed

I made these cards before I even made the baby shoes, but my husband Mike downloaded the pictures onto another computer and erased what was on the camera before I could get them on my computer to post. So, long story short, he emailed them to me so that I could create this post.

I tend to save almost every card that someone gives to me. If it is meaningful, I will keep the card in tact and save it so that I can look at it again someday. For example, when my two year old Bodhi was born, I mostly saved the cards where someone made a positive remark about his name. That way I can show him them when he gets older. But, there were a lot of other cards with beautiful images that I saved that maybe someone just signed and I guess I felt that I could reuse the card to make my own. The cards here are just some samples of what you might do with scrap paper, old cards, practice stamped images, etc.

Sometimes I may add to the image like these examples:
The red piece was the part of an envelope. The black "woof" was me testing out my new stamp.

The narrow strips of paper were in my scrap paper pile and the stamped image was just another test.

or sometimes I may just use the image as is mounting the picture on colored paper: